Pamphlet Development

Another piece of our project final deliverables is a pamphlet. This is to explain the issue and mine is about data collection. Here is the first dummy I made: Next, I have used Photoshop and experiment with pages adding some of my drawings: and some more So this is what I've done so far with … Continue reading Pamphlet Development


Project 1 Development

Moving on with my project I've started to create some images, which I could then use for my pamphlet or banner designs. Strongly inspired by the world of internet, our wireless communication and all these digital traces we constantly leave behind and which float around in the air, I thought of translating this invisible world … Continue reading Project 1 Development

Plaque Final Design

So I have finally got my plaque done today, but it seems it may take me ages to figure out how to photograph it well... The fact it's been etched on the 2 way mirror piece makes ┬áit REALLY tricky and I definitely need some time to come up with a good solution for it … Continue reading Plaque Final Design

Plaque Development

As part of our project final deliverables we've been asked to design and laser cut a plaque to commemorate and comment on the chosen issue. And while mine is about mass surveillance and data collection, I choose to etch and engrave on a 2 way acrylic mirror sheet for this purpose. I have also decided … Continue reading Plaque Development

PRISM Whistleblower. Edward Snowden.

"PRISM Whistleblower. Interview with Edward Snowden" is an interesting and worthy of attention material made by American film-maker Laura Poitras. It talks about NSA mass surveillance program (PRISM) which collects and stores internet communications from various US internet companies and officially began in 2007 in USA under the Bush Administration. The film is based on … Continue reading PRISM Whistleblower. Edward Snowden.

Biological Surveillance

"Stranger Visions" by Heather Dewey-Hagborg was a display held at Big Bang Data Exhibition in 2016 at Somerset House. It consisted of a series of sculptured human faces based on DNA that the artist got from different objects such as chewing gums, cigarette buts, lost human hairs collected from the streets in New York. So, … Continue reading Biological Surveillance

Mass Surveillance Campaigns

#UnfollowMe #UnfollowMe is an Amnesty International's campaign, which calls on governments to ban mass surveillance and unlawful intelligence sharing. It refers to Edward Snowden, who in June 2013 leaked thousands of classified NSA documents revealing the sweeping surveillance programs run by NSA, UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the "Five Eyes" spying and intelligence-sharing agreements … Continue reading Mass Surveillance Campaigns

Surveillance Artists Research

Moving on with the project I have checked on some contemporary artists, who addressed the issue of mass surveillance and data collection in their work.   SYSTEMS HOUSE (Martin Fletcher) Fletcher lives and works in London. His sculptures draw an idea of surveillance technologies. The screen above looks like a monitor to me and the … Continue reading Surveillance Artists Research

Project 1: Activism

So, we've been given our first project this year and this is on Activism. After some research I've done on my first chosen theme - gentrification - I quickly realised it's not something I feel strong enough about and could genuinely respond to. Benefiting from the fact our tutors opened up the brief at some … Continue reading Project 1: Activism

Market Ready: Product Overview

Once we got our product prototyped we thought it would be a good idea to move on with it and find out what our targeted market customers think of it so far. For this cause then, me and my group college Francesca, went and presented to the fellow students our product prototype and asked some … Continue reading Market Ready: Product Overview