Project 3, CV Research and Development

Other project 3 task is to write and design a self-promotional CV. I have written many CV's in my life, but I've never done it in such way. I never thought of using any other software than Word for it, as well as I never thought of designing it any way apart of stating information … Continue reading Project 3, CV Research and Development


Project 3, Website Research

As one of our third project's components is to create own website and to present the selected work there in a considered manner, I have looked at some of my favourite designers' websites and their social platforms to get better idea of how to approach my own one soon. Na Kim As her home page … Continue reading Project 3, Website Research

FMP Further Development and Outcome

During I was working on my background component, the idea for my runes started to clarify. I decided to stick to the concept of making six runic sticks, that represent the first six letters of the Futhark alphabet, and to paint them in a way that reflects their individual magical meanings. I chose to make … Continue reading FMP Further Development and Outcome

Runic Installation Development

Carrying on with my installation idea I started to select and prepare the materials. First, I got some wooden sticks which I cut into pieces in various sizes. As I planned to base my concept on the Elder Futhark version of runic alphabet, I aimed to create six final sticks only. These meant to correspond … Continue reading Runic Installation Development

FMP Research and Development

As my initial idea was to create a set of runic cards I have researched various fonts inspired by runic alphabets. I managed to find quite a few examples of such type as the┬ádesigners seem to create runic influenced fonts much more often these days. Here are some creative cases of it that show the … Continue reading FMP Research and Development

Final Major Project: The Runes.

My FMP research starting point involved gathering information about things I am really interested in and that I have recently started to study on my own. These are early Slavic tribes, their mythology and beliefs, and their runic writing system in particular. Considering how broad the subject is I decided to narrow it down and … Continue reading Final Major Project: The Runes.

Promotional Video Development and Outcome

Another promotional element I decided to include in the Q'eros campaign was a short video. For this purpose I used one of the poster images as a background and edited type into it in Adobe Premiere. Here is a story board: So, the letters appear accordingly and form a slogan. This final slogan I came … Continue reading Promotional Video Development and Outcome

Posters Development and Outcomes

At this point I started to consider the way I could best execute and print my posters as I did not want to leave them made just in Photoshop. I thought of putting them through the printing process which will add this sort of raw and hand-made finish and most importantly, soften this firm and … Continue reading Posters Development and Outcomes

Monotype Project Development

After exploring my chosen community and identifying what makes it different to other shamanic groups I started to think about the format of my campaign. I decided to create series of promotional posters, a banner and a short video to honour and celebrate Q'ero shamanic community. Having an awareness that type should be the most … Continue reading Monotype Project Development

Q’ero Shamans, Last Inca Heritage.

As to our third Work Ready project we have been given few D&AD New Blood Awards briefs to choose from. My choice was Monotype. For this purpose I needed to identify and explore a community I want to talk about and to create a type which celebrates it and reflects its uniqueness. I chose Los … Continue reading Q’ero Shamans, Last Inca Heritage.