Chapter Design, Outcome

Another part of the project's deliverable was to create in our groups a consistent design for the given chapter. As a team we agreed we will work individually on this task and after, we'll present, compare and choose the best idea together. We needed to consider an appropriate typefaces, margins and layout and to edit it … Continue reading Chapter Design, Outcome


Illustration Development

After reading and analysing the given text I started to come up with some first initial ideas for my individual illustration design. As the leading themes of the story I worked on are water, death and disconnection I firstly looked at different ways of water representations by some artists, and then I made my own … Continue reading Illustration Development

Book Cover Research

As for one of our first project brief's components, we've been asked to design a book cover for the collection of creative writing from fellow students, Anthology III. For this purpose, I have started with researching some of the designers and illustrators whose work I find particularly appealing.   Peter Mendelsund  The most important thing … Continue reading Book Cover Research

Typography Workshop Research

“Giambattista Bodoni’s type is perhaps the most majestic, most carefully constructed, and most carefully drawn in the 500-year history of typography. Never before have we been able to recreate his work with the accuracy and artistry it deserves. Perhaps now we can,” wrote Allan Haley of ITC (Giambattista Bodoni, International Typeface Corporation, 1991, p. 16). … Continue reading Typography Workshop Research

Francis Upritchard: ‘Wetwang Slack’

  Contrasting with Barbican's Brutalist architecture, New Zealand-born artist, Francis Upritchard, has exhibited a range of her colourful and bizarre works there. The exhibition consists of many different hand crafted objects, all carefully modelled in a variety of media and showing great attention to detail. Some weird and fanciful multi-armed figures, deformed sculptures of different … Continue reading Francis Upritchard: ‘Wetwang Slack’

Collection Book

So, I have finally came into the end of designing my Collection portfolio book, as part of my second CIP project brief. I have decided to make it square 210x210cm and to print it through on 170gsm uncoated paper adding the cover of 350gsm. It consists of 44 pages in total and it includes … Continue reading Collection Book

Microsoft Surface, Final Video So, here is the final Microsoft Surface video I made for my last CIP project. It is 53 second long and includes the recordings I took at China Town. I have also used original sound and voices from there, as I thought it accomplished the whole thing quite well. Overall, this was short, quite … Continue reading Microsoft Surface, Final Video

Microsoft Surface, Storyboard

The idea for my film was to record some video footages in China Town, so to pretend that the lost tourist, which my film is about, is actually there - in China. Next, I asked my friend to act for me and recorded him on my camera walking around and looking for a place to … Continue reading Microsoft Surface, Storyboard

Microsoft Surface Research

Microsoft is an American multinational technology corporation founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975. In 2012 they launched Microsoft Surface. It is a series of touchscreen Windows computers and interactive whiteboards. Today it comprises of four generations of hybrid tablets, 2-in-one detachable notebooks, convertible desktop all-in-one, an interactive whiteboard and many various accessories … Continue reading Microsoft Surface Research