Project 3 / 1

So eventually, we’ve been given our third and last project brief: Visual Words – Manifesto. The aim was to design three A2 placards based on three different slogans we had to create. First, we’ve looked on our manifestos text we wrote just at the beginning of the year, then we moved on to creating our new slogans and mottos. And this is what I came out with so far:

  1. Dream ’n’ stream
  2. Blow & Go
  3. Yell well
  4. Cry true
  5. Dare and stare
  6. Eat more yellow
  7. Say WOW every day
  8. Ice the cream
  9. Bless no stress
  10. Let ur cat a silent nap
  11. YO!GA in the Sun
  12. Give rise to ur inner paradise

Next step is to choose three of those and start to think about the placards.


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