Project 3 / 5

I have finally came to the happy end of this process and finished all my placards! This was such fun working on them and even that I left myself behind at first, as lost some time and workshops too.. this was definitely my favourite and most enjoyable project this year!

Here are the placards in action 🙂







Project 3 / 4

Keeping on planning and testing the ideas..


I’ve decided to make my placards using acrylic paints and to hand write all letters on them. These are the first outcomes:

IMG_2802     but not too sure about white letters, so repainting them..

IMG_2806 IMG_2804

and looks like this


I’m quite happy with leaving the letters black as they pop out better, I think. It’s just to work on the rest now..


Project 3 / 3

Moving on with the project I started to test my first ideas on layout, colours and type:






Even though I quite like the last piece I’m just not too sure about this cut-out letters approach for my final work.. I think I’ll try something less decorative and more bold instead. I need it to be visible and eye catching. It’s a placard not a book!




Project 3 / 2

After brainstorming and rethinking all of my slogans and ideas I finally decided to go for these three:

  1. Say WOW every day
  2. YO!GA in the Sun
  3. Bless no stress

I’m not sure what style and techniques I’m going to apply into my work as yet, but I know I want my placards to be happy, playful and colourful. Also, at this point I looked at some artists I find interesting to get more ideas too.




Project 3 / 1

So eventually, we’ve been given our third and last project brief: Visual Words – Manifesto. The aim was to design three A2 placards based on three different slogans we had to create. First, we’ve looked on our manifestos text we wrote just at the beginning of the year, then we moved on to creating our new slogans and mottos. And this is what I came out with so far:

  1. Dream ’n’ stream
  2. Blow & Go
  3. Yell well
  4. Cry true
  5. Dare and stare
  6. Eat more yellow
  7. Say WOW every day
  8. Ice the cream
  9. Bless no stress
  10. Let ur cat a silent nap
  11. YO!GA in the Sun
  12. Give rise to ur inner paradise

Next step is to choose three of those and start to think about the placards.

Photography, Exquisite Corpse

As part of our photography workshop we had to photograph three separate parts of the body – a head, a torso and legs – and to create a complete collaged portrait. Unfortunately,  I missed this workshop so I had to ask my friends to model for me instead. Here they are:


and this is what I’ve done so far:


It was a bit harsh process as I did not shoot it in a proper studio conditions, but will try to  Photoshop it a bit then…

CS Package, Calligram 1794

So, the other day we’ve been asked to design a sequential narrative calligram book based on William’s Blake poem “London”. We’ve been also asked to research and choose one of the twelve brand archetypes for our narrative. My chosen one was the Everyman or Citizen and this is what I came out with:



Project 2 / 5 Sound, Set & Action

The crit day. I finally managed to finish with my animation on time, even though this was the longest and surely not the easiest project for me so far…!


It was a very useful and helpful day and I was really pleased to see other students work too. Really! Such a diverse, interesting and inspiring stuff! Just as many creatives as much ideas!

Here are the three still images I believe best reflect the concept of my video:




And here is the link to it:






Project 2 / 4 Sound, Set & Action

Caring on with making props and this was definitely the most difficult one! First, I’ve tried to cut a fresh egg with a scalpel, but it was rather unsuccessful and I started to panic as I left it till the last minute… Luckily, after several wasted trials and hours I finally mastered the technique on hard boiled eggs and using a tiny DIY knife instead. Hurrah! The baby stroller is almost ready!


Time for shooting. This was a home made studio in my room..




IMG_2649 (1)IMG_2648IMG_2653

After I finished taking photos I imported them to Final Cut Pro and dragged the ones I chosen on to the timeline in the exact order. Then, I started to play with the number of frames per second choosing the right speed for each scene. I have also applied some colour correction filters after, because I wanted it to look a bit vintage. This whole editing process was the huge effort and most time consuming part for me as I was new to this software and also very impatient…!